Collect all of your content ideas in one place

No matter what kind of content you create, Squidility is a tool that will help you collect and manage all the content ideas you have. And measure how your content is doing. You will learn what kind of content perform best.

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Here's what you get

Your content ideas

One place for all the content ideas you have. With the pipeline where you can choose on which step your content idea is. Just like in CRM apps.


You may group and filter your content ideas by projects. Projects are sites where you publish your content. That could be a blog, your YouTube channel, a podcast, Facebook Page or any other content site.

Tags for content ideas

Tag your content ideas however you want so you can find them much easier and filter by any tag you want.


Measure how your content (and the whole projects) perform. Which pieces of content work best, which are popular and which are not. Learn so you can create even better content in the future.

Content queue

Decide what to publish and when. Create your own publication calendar and publish your content on a regular basis.


Add notes, comments and files to your content ideas, so you could find everything what's related to a particular content idea in one place.

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Bloggers, podcasters, video creators, journalists, editors and more use Squidility to boost their work and create phenomenal pieces of content. We use it too and highly recommend.

What others are saying

It's seriously the best place to collect all my content ideas. I simply don't forget about anything.
I truly love it and use it every day. For writing my daily journal and for keeping up-to-date with all my long and short term goals. I can't imagine my day without this tool.

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