Your coolest daily journal

Make writing daily journals your daily habit. Practice writing, collect memories and share them with your friends (or write just for yourself if you prefer to do so).

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Here's what you get

Your goals

Write down all your goals (long-term, annual, monthly and weekly ones), so you won't ever forget about what are the most important tasks to take care of.

Share your goals

If you decide to have your journal public, simply share your own personal link with your friends and fans, so they could read about your plans.

Morning daily journal

Run the Squid Journal app in the morning and answer for few quick questions. Write about what has happened in the night and start a day with the plan.

Evening daily journal

Run the Squid Journal app in the evening, just before going to bed and write down what great (or not so great) things happened during the day. And sleep well.

Share your daily journal

If you decide to share the journal with your friends, simply switch your account to public. You will get a special link which you could share. Also we can post automatically on Twitter on your behalf if you want.

Personal journal

No matter if you decide to be public or not, you still have the ability to write privately. Thanks to the private journals. Write down anything you want there and be sure no one will ever see it.

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What others are saying

It's seriously the best place to collect all my content ideas. I simply don't forget about anything.
I truly love it and use it every day. For writing my daily journal and for keeping up-to-date with all my long and short term goals. I can't imagine my day without this tool.

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