Pricing is incredibly easy

For one month you have everything for free. After this trial period eveything will cost you

$7.99 per month for Squidility

$2 per month for Squid Journal

And that's all. Yeah, you have all the functionalities for just $9.99 a month (or $7.99 or $2).

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does The Free Trial Work?

It's completely free, no credit card required. Just register with your e-mail address and you can test everything for one month.

How Can I Pay For Squidility?

We accept PayPal and credit/debit cards (through PayPal).

What Happens After The Free Trial Period?

If you decide to stay with us, just upgrade to paid account during or after the trial period. If not - your account will still exist, but you won't be able to use Squidility.

Do I Need To Pay For Squidility and Squid Journal?

No, you can decide if you want to use (and pay for) Squidility or/and Squid Journal. It's up to you.

Can I host Squidility on my very own server?

Unfortunately, that's not possible yet. But if you're interested in local version of Squidility on your server - let us know. We may be able to make an exception for you ;) Send us an e-mail about it and we'll be sure to notify you when we're ready for you.

Will Squidility Work With My Computer?

So, yeah it should work with your computer. At least we hope so :) We require an up-to-date, modern browser like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or something similar (yeah, even Internet Explorer). So if you have such a web browser - you will be able to use Squidility.

Need More Help Before Signing Up?

If you have questions about Squidility, our pricing, features or the sign-up process, please feel free to contact us at - we're always here to help you!

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