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Whether you publish on a blog, on social media, on any other content site, or you create content just because... whatever, Squidility is for you.

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When we say we have the content platform made for content creators, we really mean it. Squidility helps to collect and manage content ideas and measure everything that's related to content you already published. We also help to accomplish goals and write daily journal. Yeah, seriously. We're also content creators, so we know what we all need and what makes up happy.

Start creating better content | Squidility

Your content ideas, your stats

Squidility helps you collect all the content ideas you have. No matter where and when you came up with the idea (yeah, we also think that great ideas happen in a shower), we are here to collect all of them. Seriously, all of them. And we also want to show you which pieces of your content perform best.

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Start creating better content | Squidility

Your goals, your daily journal

Write down all your goals (long-term, annual, monthly and weekly ones), so you won't ever forget about what are the most important tasks to take care of. Then run the Squid Journal app in the morning and answer for few quick questions. And do the same before going to bed in the evening.

Stay productive and happy. Have a really great day and focus only on what's really important for you. Don't care about the rest. Life is too short to care about what's not important.

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Bloggers, podcasters, video creators, journalists, editors and more use Squidility to boost their work and create phenomenal pieces of content. We use it too and highly recommend.

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It's seriously the best place to collect all my content ideas. I simply don't forget about anything.
I truly love it and use it every day. For writing my daily journal and for keeping up-to-date with all my long and short term goals. I can't imagine my day without this tool.

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